Aurore folny moorea aurorefolny
Aurore folny concept figurine

mini concept and keywords used (keywords from the Reckless Deck)

Aurore folny mini

Unfortunately we had to adapt the design for costs reasons. So here is the two-legged version. I like it very much !
Sculpt by Ryan Lesser


Concept and illustration for the mini contest of Reckless Deck kickstarter campaign

Mo'orea, which means yellow lizard, is the daughter of a women, chief of Tiarera'i tribe, and a taniwha.
She is the protector of the tribe's graveyard and only her sacred wood sword can repel the demons, coming to eat the departed's souls.
Pa'ipa'i, the jellyfish, was a gift from her taniwha father, and is her link to the dead realm. He gives her the power of seeing the demons and spirits, that makes her the messenger between Tiarera'i people and ancestors.

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